Each edition, a well-known personality of the Early Music movement is invited to be the ambassador of this special day. We are happy to have the early keyboards specialist Olga Pashchenko as our 2021 EDM ambassador!

Olga Pashchenko is one of today’s most versatile performers on the keyboard, from organ and harpsichord to fortepiano and modern piano, demonstrating a passionate personality, virtuosity, wealth of color and sensitivity towards the broad repertoire that she performs on these different keyboards.

She began her musical studies at the age of 6 in Moscow where she was born. She studied at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory with Alexei Lubimov (fortepiano and modern piano), Olga Martynova (harpsichord) and Alexei Schmitov (organ).
Olga’s ability to go from one instrument to the other with equal skill and sensibility, made her the embodiment of the balance between artistic virtuosity, individual creativity and historic awareness, and an ideal ambassador for Early Music Day.

“Early Music Day is the celebration of Early Music, celebration of our lifestyle and dreams as HIP performers and listeners, and of the attitude we all advocate for, and that is – trying to understand the sources and the composers’ conceptions and interpret it on within the historical context with heart and soul in the 21st century. To be the Ambassador of REMA at this time of uncertainty in the world, is a gift. I am honoured to contribute to this platform by promoting the importance of early Music, making all different colours of period instruments more audible and visible and encouraging to breathe life into restoration just as early music breathes life into us with its restorative power.”

In 2020, she released two albums dedicated to the music of Beethoven with Alpha Records (Variations on folk songs with flutist Anna Besson and Vanitas with singer Georg Nigl) and given performances of Beethoven music as well, as historical keyboards allow intimate concerts and small audiences, ranking them among the most covid-safe instruments. She has also just released two of Mozart’s Piano Concerti with Il Gardellino.