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Early Music Day takes place every year on 21 March, at the initiative of REMA. This celebration of more than a thousand years of music, through concerts and events taking place simultaneously around the world, is an opportunity for Europeans to (re)discover our musical heritage!

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Speaking Baroque Flute, a panel conversation on articulation

26/03/2023 18:30 CEST

Speaking Baroque Flute, a panel conversation on articulation Online

The Traverso Practice Net Italy
Francesco, Via Pomponia Grecina 10, Rome
The subject of articulation is without doubt one of the most distinctive features in baroque flute playing. Just like a verbal language, the ability to speak through the instrument and through the music is the key for an expressive musical performance. In this ZOOM session, baroque flute specialists Lisete Bull, Enrico Coden, and Teddie Hwang will touch on different aspects of this multi-faceted subject, from understanding Hotteterre and the meaning of articulation to how to approach tonguing in difficult keys. As you will see, there is a whole universe about articulation and we hope you'll walk away with much inspiration and curiosity after the session! 
Lisete Bull, presenter
Teddie Hwang, presenter
Enrico Coden, presenter
Francesco Belfiore, host
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