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Early Music Day takes place every year on 21 March, at the initiative of REMA. This celebration of more than a thousand years of music, through concerts and events taking place simultaneously around the world, is an opportunity for Europeans to (re)discover our musical heritage!

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Grand Tour

24/03/2024 18:00 CET

Grand Tour On-site

All'Antica Musika Spain
David Sáez, Iglesia Santa María de Getxo , 48991 Getxo, Bizkaia
It is a multidisciplinary scenic proposal that mixes ancient baroque English, French and Italian, music seeking a reunion between the past and the present.  

With this concert we want to publicize a deeply rooted custom at the end of the 17th century that consisted of taking a trip through Europe, with Italy as the destination key, undertaken by young Europeans of sufficient means, when they had reached the age of majority (around 21 years old).

Interspersing brief explanatory comments between the different national styles, contextualizes the music and helps the viewer place themselves in the time of Purcell, of the Palace of Versailles and the Italian baroque, where music played a role fundamental.

Laiene Alcalá Soprano, Diego Parra Baroque Violín, David Sáez  Recorders, Silvia Cantatore Viola da gamba, Teresa Merino Theorbo, Elvira Pujol Harpsichord
300 years of Spanish harpsichord music

21/03/2024 19:30 CET (21/03/2024 19:30 CET)

300 years of Spanish harpsichord music Online and On-site

Música Antigua Xixón Spain
Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos, Jovellanos square, s/n, , 33201 Gijón/Xixón
The repertoire of this concert features Spanish music composed between XVI and XIX centuries, from Antonio de Cabezón to Mateo Antonio Pérez de Albéniz. The purpose of the concert is to show the evolution around harpsichord music in Spain by the hand of the awarded young performer, Inés Moreno, who has recently released the album 300 years of Spanish harpsichord music
Inés Moreno Uncilla, harpsichord
The Conservatori celebrates the Day of Ancient Music

22/03/2024 18:00 CET (22/03/2024 18:00 CET)

The Conservatori celebrates the Day of Ancient Music On-site

Conservatori Professional de Música de Menorca Spain
Palau Torre Saura, Ciutadella, C/ Major des Born, 8, 07760 Ciutadella
Students and teachers of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Menorca will perform solo pieces, chamber music and choir, in a unique palace, ideal for performing early music.
Violeta Florit Triay, flute  
Gerard Gilabert Solé, oboe 
Martí Camps Cortadella, clarinet
Alfonso Barros Cueto, horn
Pere Melis Taltavull, bassoon
Jorge Munuera, violoncello
Jana Gener, violoncello
Jorge Pérez, viola
Lluc Llorens, Toni Pons, Emna Alfageme, Carla García, trombones 
Marina Torres, violí
Carme Majancoses, violí
Aurora Pons, violí
Gibet Salort, violí
Arjau Ferrer, violoncel
Choir: Carme Majancoses, Roger Salord, Shenjie Zhu, Xavier Santana, Daniela Gonzalez, Dayke Criado

Professors:Isabel Juaneda, Gonzalo Lacruz, Pedro Munuera, Eva Febrer, Àlvaro Cardona, Jorge Pérez, Óliver Vinent

21/03/2024 19:30 CET

Ritual On-site

Fundació Cultural CDM Spain
Palau de la Música de València, Pg. de l’Albereda, 30 , 46023 Valencia
Sephardic and Arab-Andalusian chants.

Capella de Ministrers
Françoise Atlan, voice 
Carles Magraner, director, rebec and violas
Aziz Samsaoui, Kanún, saz and oud
Kaveh Sarvarian, nay and tombak 
Jota Martínez, citole, lute and percussion 

German Lute Music from the Renaissance

18/05/2024 19:00 CEST

German Lute Music from the Renaissance Online

Ronda Barcelona Spain
Ronda Barcelona, Consell de Cent, 382, 08009 Barcelona
Video of the concert of 18th May 2023 with pieces from the German renaissance, a rather unknown repertoire that received influences from some other contemporary musical traditions, like the English, French or Flemish. With works by Neusidler, Denss and other composers. 
Joaquim Bogunyà, lute

24/03/2024 20:00 CET


Delirivm Musica Spain
SMR de Cuenca Teatro-Auditorio de Cuenca, Teatro-Auditorio de Cuenca Paseo del Huécar s/n, 16001 Cuenca
Delirivm Musica offers us a monograph on Marc - Antoine Charpentier. A fascinating journey through five of his sacred compositions where light and shadow intervene representatively as an essential part of the music, the instrumentation, the interpretation and the text.
Dessus [violin] Beatriz Amezúa 
Countertenor [violin] Marta Mayoral 
Bass [Flute] Juan Portilla 
Countertenor [Flute] Belén Nieto 
Violin waist Calia Álvarez 
Violin quintet María Barajas 
Bassoon bass Marta Calvo 
Violin bass Alberto Jara 
Bass Belén Vaquero 
Treble Lorea Agustí 
Low register Paloma Friedhoff 
[High counter Hugo Bolívar 
[Bass Andrea Rey 
[Height] Fran Braojos 
[Tall] Ariel Hernández 
[Low-cut] Manuel Quintana 
[Bass] Simón Millán
Organ and basso continuo Jorge López-Escribano (organ and harpsichord) / Juan Carlos de Mulder (archlute) 
Artistic Director Juan Portilla
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