EMD Festival 2024

As an online festival taking place around 21 March, the EMD Festival offers eight concerts proposed by the members of the European Network of Early Music. Every year, the programme encompasses early music in all its diversity: from solo to opera, from a few minutes of music to a complete work, we select for you the best of early music, to celebrate Early Music Day with your favourite artists and discover your next favourite pieces!

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Auferstehung - A Film Tale about Love, Faith and the Incomprehensible

19/03/2024 19:00 CET

Auferstehung - A Film Tale about Love, Faith and the Incomprehensible Online

Ensemble Polyharmonique Germany
Zentralwerk Dresden, Riesaer Str. 32, 01127 Dresden
Easter 1623 saw the Auferstehungshistorie, or History of the Resurrection, by Heinrich Schütz (1585–1672) first performed in Dresden. The court conductor in Dresden and first German composer of world renown, Schütz created this musical masterwork at the age of only 38. The Ensemble Polyharmonique, Giulia Russo, Christian Zacharas (Robozee) and CentreFilms now retell the RESURRECTION, with uniquely beautiful singing, expressive dance and technical refinement. They give space to the incredible, the search for truth and certainty, and the touching biblical love story of Jesus and Mary Magdalen, developing current images from this 400-year-old music that are overwhelming and moving. Baroque music interpreted from our contemporary gaze, Early Music combined with an urban dance scene – sound, text and image and the combination of two cultures merge in one highly expressive music film which is quite unlike any that has come before. 

At Easter in 2023, this film tale of love, faith and the incomprehensible premiered in Dresden. Welcome to the 21st century, dear Heinrich Schütz! And welcome to a new, magical experience of music, dear viewers!
Ensemble Polyharmonique 
Alexander Schneider artistic direction 
Giulia Russo, Christian Zacharas aka Robozee dancers 
Johannes Gaubitz Evangelist 
Alexander Schneider, Felix Rumpf Jesus 
Joowon Chung, Magdalene Harer Mary Magdalene 
Joowon Chung, Magdalene Harer The three Marys 
Benjamin Glaubitz, Sören Richter Two angels 
Sören Richter Cleophas 
Benjamin Glaubitz Gesell 
Wolfram Lattke, Matthias Lutze, Cornelius Uhle High Priest 
Jonathan Mayenschein, Wolfram Lattke Young man in the tomb 
Johannes Gaubitz Evangelist 
Alexander Schneider, Christian Volkmann Jesus 
Joowon Chung, Magdalene Harer, Marie Luise Werneburg Mary Magdalene 
Marie Luise Werneburg The three Marys 
Benjamin Glaubitz, Sören Richter Two angels 
Sören Richter Cleophas 
Benjamin Glaubitz Gesell 
Felix Rumpf, Matthias Lutze, Stefan Drexlmeier High Priest 
Jonathan Mayenschein, Wolfram Lattke Young man in the tomb

August 2022 
Production Centre Film
Shooting place Zentralwerk Dresden
Amadigi di Gaula

19/03/2024 20:00 CET

Amadigi di Gaula Online

Luxuria Europae Association Bulgaria
Sofia Opera and Ballet, 30 "Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov" Blvd , 1000 Sofia
The Sofia Baroque Arts Festival realised the opera performance of Handel's Amadigi di Gaula. Partners were Sofia Opera and Ballet and the National Fund "Culture". This was the first in the history period instruments production at the stage of the Sofia Opera and the 2 performances, as well as one in adaptation for young audience have been very successful. The semi-staged performances included 3D mapping scenography, ballet.  
Sofia Baroque Arts Festival Orchestra 
Zefira Valova leader 
Lucia Giraudo, Malina Mantcheva, Elena Ganova, Sofi Stambolieva, Gergana Deliyska violin 
Evgenia Bauer viola 
Ludovico Minasi, Thomas Chigioni cello 
Gabriela Tzvetanova double bass 
Aviad Gershoni, Konstantin Kozhuharov oboe 
Sabina Yordanova bassoon 
Antonio Faillaci trumpet 
Yavor Genov, Roberto Caravella lute 
Arianna Radaelli harpsichord 
Masha Ilieva ballet school 
Rafał Tomkiewicz Amadigi 
Rumyana Kostova Oriana 
Carlotta Colombo Melissa 
Margherita Maria Dardanus 
Tatyana Andonova choreographer 
Alisa Dzhoneva, Aleksandra Videnova, Bilyana Lozanova, Daria Lovrich, Elena Borea Kossenko, Niya Popova, Riana Milotinova Enchanted ladies and gentlemen 
Julia Krasteva stage director 
ElektricMe 3D mapping 
October 2023 
Production Sofia Baroque Arts Festival 
Shooting place Sofia Opera and Ballet 
Special thanks to the National Fund “Culture”, Sofia Municipality, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Sofia, Polish Institute
Felix Platter: A Life in Music

20/03/2024 19:00 CET

Felix Platter: A Life in Music Online

ReRenaissance / Forum Frühe Musik Switzerland
Barfüsserkirche, Barfüsserpl. 7, 4051 Basel
In 1536, just in time for the autumn fair, a child was born at Petersberg in Basel who in later years was to make a name for himself throughout Europe as a physician and polymath: Felix Platter. His research on anatomy, psychiatry and also his epidemiological reports on the time of the plague made him famous throughout Europe beyond his death in 1614. His valuable herbarium is stored in the Burgerbibliothek Bern. 

But Felix Platter was much more than just a physician. Already during his studies in Montpellier he received the nickname “l’Alemandt du lut”. His “verteuschten” German translations of French chansons and Italian madrigals from this same period remain special musical-philological treasures. 

The focus of this concert is the musical side of this Renaissance man, which is once again allowed to blossom with voice, lute, viola da gamba and recorder. 
Tessa Roos voice 
Ivo Haun voice and lute 
Rui Stähelin lute and voice 
Caroline Ritchie Renaissance viola da gamba 
Tabea Schwartz recorder, viola da gamba; direction 
December 2023 
Production ReRenaissance / Forum Frühe Musik 
Shooting place Historical Museum Basel
La Serenata Ritrovata

20/03/2024 20:00 CET

La Serenata Ritrovata Online

La Risonanza / Associazione Hendel Italy
Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum, Via San Vittore, 21, 20123 Milan
We know that it was the 24th birthday party for Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen. And we also know that it was a particularly lavish birthday, with dancing, music and theatrical performances. And we know that Johann Sebastian Bach composed a serenade to celebrate the feast and that Hamburg's most famous theatre bass, Gottfried Riemschneider, was invited to sing. Of this composition we are left with the libretto but... not the music. Bach, however – like almost all composers – reused his best pages, adapting them to another text. So, we set out to find it! And here, after years of work, we present what was probably the Serenade performed on the evening of the 10th of December 1718 for Prince Leopold. A musicologist, a musician, a composer and... a lot of passion are the ingredients that finally allow us to relive that magical moment of music and splendour that amazed the guests of the Köthen court 325 years ago.
La Risonanza 
Fabio Bonizzoni harpsichord, conductor 
Andrea Mion, Elisabeth Passot oboes 
Giovanni Battista Graziadio bassoon  
Jorge Jimenez, Ulrike Slowik, Rossella Borsoni, Beatrice Scaldini, Joanna Dobrowolska, Davide Medas, Laura Cavazzuti violins 
Livia Baldi, Zeno Scattolin violas 
Caterina Dell’Agnello, Agnieszka Oszanca cellos 
Guisella Massa violone 
Federica Napoletani soprano 
Angela Hyun Jung Oh alto 
Karol Kusz tenor 
Valerio Zanolli bass 
Karl Böhmer Musicological consultant 
Jörn Boysen composer 
December 2023 
Production La Risonanza 
Shooting place Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum
Musikalische Opfer

21/03/2024 18:00 CET

Musikalische Opfer Online

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg Austria
Stiftung Mozarteum, Schwarzstraße 28, 5020 Salzburg
Bach's Musical Offering BWV 1079 continues to inspire musical artists today to reinterpret, recreate and recreate. Bach's unrivalled mastery of polyphony is evident in the canons and the two ricercares. In the Trio Sonata, it finally becomes part of the common musical language of the late Baroque. Bach undoubtedly marks the apogee of this genre in the history of music. The trio sonata forms the framework for this concert, with counterpoint works from the 20th and 21st centuries by Isang Yun and Wen-Chen Wei, as well as other works by Bach.
Dorothee Oberlinger recorder 
Manuel Granatiero transverse flute 
Yuki Serino violin 
William Coleman viola 
Vittorio Ghielmi viola da gamba 
Flavio Losco baroque violin 
Florian Birsak harpsichord 
March 2024 
Production Universität Mozarteum Salzburg 
Shooting place Stiftung Mozarteum
Bach alive

21/03/2024 20:30 CET

Bach alive Online

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg Austria
Stiftung Mozarteum, Schwarzstraße 28, 5020 Salzburg
Bach's most important organ works - a milestone in music literature! In the second concert of the first evening of the ORA Early Music Festival, they are not played on the large organ of the Mozarteum Foundation, but in an arrangement performed by the Mozarteum University Wind Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Andreas Martin Hofmeir. Instead of pipes controlled by the console, all the classical wind instruments can be heard and the organ comes to life.
Bläserphilharmonie Mozarteum 
Wind Philharmonic Orchestra of the University Mozarteum 
Andreas Martin Hofmeir, Simone Fontanelli musical direction 
March 2024 
Production Universität Mozarteum Salzburg 
Shooting place Stiftung Mozarteum
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Joseph Haydn Quartets

22/03/2024 19:00 CET

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Joseph Haydn Quartets Online

The Mozartists United Kingdom
St Giles Cripplegate, Fore St, Barbican, EC2Y 8DA London
This film forms part of The Mozartists’ ongoing MOZART 250 series, and contains three works for string quartet that date from 1772. 
MOZART 250 is the brainchild of The Mozartists’ conductor and artistic director Ian Page, and is conceived as a 27-year project that follows the chronological trajectory of the composer’s life and works in ‘real time’, running from the 250th anniversary of his childhood visit to London in 2014/15 to the 250th anniversary of his death in December 2041. In addition to anniversary performances of many of Mozart’s works, the series also seeks to deepen our understanding and appreciation of his music by contextualising it alongside the music of his contemporaries, and the series has already featured music by nearly fifty other composers, from Abel to Zimmermann. 
Reflecting both Mozart’s early compositional output and The Mozartists’ own identity, the first few years of MOZART 250 have focused predominantly on orchestral and vocal music, but in 2021 they responded to COVID restrictions (which for a while stipulated that no more than six musicians could perform together) by creating a series of films of chamber music by Mozart, Haydn and Johann Christian Bach. The featured works all dated from 1763-1771, and will be used to populate the MOZART 250 website that they are in the process of building. 
Matthew Truscott violin 1 
Julia Kuhn violin 2 
Max Mandel viola 
Sarah McMahon cello 
March 2023 
Production Classical Media
Shooting place St Giles Cripplegate
This project was funded by Continuo Foundation. 
TERPSICHORE! - when music dances

22/03/2024 20:00 CET

TERPSICHORE! - when music dances Online

Stockholm Early Music Festival Sweden
The Musikaliska Concert House, Nybrokajen 11, 111 48 Stockholm
Due to a technical issue, this concert is rescheduled for Friday 22 March, at 8 PM CET. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

World première of an innovative choreography to Terpsichore, based on Michael Praetorius' (1571-1621) masterful suite of more than 300 instrumental dances. The muse of dance is the main character in the composer’s most famous and only surviving secular piece.  Nine muses, nine musicians, nine dance styles in a colourful sparkling cavalcade that spans time and continents, based on the Renaissance image of Ancient Greece. Bransle, galliard, volta and courant become everything from baroque, oriental and Indian dance to ballet, voguing and flamenco. The nine muses represent the movement of the body and the mind, what we cannot possess but till experience. 
The Nine Muses
Josefine Chiacchiero
Nora Ekman classical ballet 
Matilda Larsson baroque dance 
Elisabeth Ludwig contemporary dance, pantomime 
Eva Fanadi belly dance fusion 
Kyrie Oda contemporary dance, butoh 
Linnéa Redblad Nordic folk dances 
Pauline Reibell Indian classical dances 
Mathias Terwander Stintzing voguing, waacking 
The Nine Musicians
Ann Allen shawm, bombard, recorder 
Anna Schall cornetto, recorder 
Silke Gwendolyn Schulze shawm, bombard, recorder, pipe & tabor 
Nils Carlsson renaissance trombone 
Dohyo Sol lute, baroque guitar 
Nora Roll viol 
Markus Eriksson viol 
Göran Månsson percussion 
Daniel Stighäll renaissance trombone, musical direction 
Patrik Sörling choreography and direction 
Peter Pontvik idea 
Josephine Chiacchiero production manager 
Robin Karlsson costume 
June 2023 
Production Stockholm Early Music Festival 
Shooting place The Musikaliska Concert House
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