As an online festival taking place around 21 March, the EMD Festival offers seven concerts proposed by the members of the European Network of Early Music. Every year, the programme encompasses early music in all its diversity: from solo to opera, from a few minutes of music to a complete work, we select for you the best of early music, to celebrate Early Music Day with your favorite artists and discover you net favourite pieces!
The concerts are broadcast in partnership with Total Baroque, and accompanied live by the artists: to enjoy the experience, just click on the link!

The video and live chat will be available on this page on 22 March at 7pm.


Voces Suaves, an ensemble based in Basel, invites you on a musical and spiritual journey into the afterlife described by Dante Alighieri in his Divina Commedia. In this paranormal vision, three worlds are offered to the deceased: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Through madrigals musically underlining the poet's verses, but also religious pieces from the Renaissance to today, the vocal ensemble plunges you into this universe that is both poetic and apocalyptic, where humans rediscover their condition of being subjected to the transience of existence.


Voces Suaves
Lia Andres, Christina Boner, Mirjam Wernli
Jan Thomer counter-tenor
Raphael Höhn, Dan Dunkelblum tenors
Tobias Wicky baritone
Davide Benetti bass
Aki Noda-Meurice organ
Orí Harmelin lute and theorbo

October 2020
Directed by Victor Toussaint
Production Valentine Wurtz, Libelo Productions
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