As an online festival taking place around 21 March, the EMD Festival offers seven concerts proposed by the members of the European Network of Early Music. Every year, the programme encompasses early music in all its diversity: from solo to opera, from a few minutes of music to a complete work, we select for you the best of early music, to celebrate Early Music Day with your favorite artists and discover you net favourite pieces!
The concerts are broadcast in partnership with Total Baroque, and accompanied live by the artists: to enjoy the experience, just click on the link!


Naples in the early 18th century was a melting pot of theatrical and musical ideas where the impossible was experimented and real armies of musicians trained to conquer the demanding international market were formed. Composers who will determine taste and teach an infallible system of writing invade the streets of art in a golden but also risky and sometimes fruitless migration, there is no country that is not reached by this harmonic host and conquered by it. A myriad of musicians are trained in their magisterium and many will learn the extraordinary alchemy indirectly, masters not only of composition but also of song and instrument, indeed instruments.
The strategies implemented by the authors of the Neapolitan School - Nicola Porpora, Leonardo Vinci, Leonardo Leo, Domenico Sarro - emerge in all their originality in a system that, although subjected to strict representational requirements, manages to corroborate itself incessantly, creating paths of unusual authenticity.

Performing this gallery of arias, selected through a team effort assisted by the research carried out by Paologiovanni Maione, is the ductile voice of Teresa Iervolino, accompanied by the Talenti Vulcanici led for the occasion by Maestro Christophe Rousset, harpsichordist and director of the Ensemble Les Talens Lyrique.


Teresa Iervolino mezzosoprano
Christophe Rousset conductor
Ensemble Talenti Vulcanici
Simone Pirri, Isabel Soteras Valenti, Karolina Habalo violins I
Katarzyna Solecka, Andrea Beatriz Lizarraga, Ulrike Slowik violins II
Filippo Bergo first viola
Clelia Gozzo viola
Marcello Scandelli first cello
Anna Camporini cello
Davide Nava double bass
Elisa La Marca theorbo
Marco Crosetto harpsichord

Paologiovanni Maione musicological consultancy
Enrico Gramigna and Guido Olivieri transcriptions

April 2022
Directed by
Duilio Meucci
Video production
Caméra Musique
Renato Grieco
Fondazione Pietà de' Turchini
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