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Early Music Day takes place every year on 21 March, at the initiative of REMA. This celebration of more than a thousand years of music, through concerts and events taking place simultaneously around the world, is an opportunity for Europeans to (re)discover our musical heritage!

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Concert Méditerranée Sacrée - Chamber choir Les éléments, dir: Joël Suhubiette

21/03/2023 20:00 CET

Concert Méditerranée Sacrée - Chamber choir Les éléments, dir: Joël Suhubiette On-site

Scène Nationale du Grand Narbonne France
Basilique Saint-Paul Serge, Narbonne, 21 rue Arago, Narbonne
Since 1997, the aura of the Toulouse chamber choir Les Elements has spread far beyond the borders of Occitania. The ensemble directed by Joël Suhubiette is at the Saint Paul-Serge Church to present Méditerranée sacrée, one of its flagship programmes.
The Renaissance masterpieces - Gesualdo's Répons des Ténèbres and Antonio Lotti's Crucifixus - are joined by works in Hebrew by Salomone Rossi, written to introduce polyphony to the synagogue, and contemporary pieces commissioned from the Greek composer Alexandros Markeas and the Lebanese Zad Moultaka.
A true odyssey through six centuries of vocal music, carried by the power of a capella voices, all in a heritage site that magnifies sacred music and in the heart of the aptly named "daughter of Rome", whose face has long been turned towards the Mediterranean.
Chamber choir Les éléments
Conductor: Joël Suhubiette
Fantasia – The Art of Counterpoint during the reigns of James I and Charles I

24/03/2023 21:00 CET (24/03/2023 21:00 CET)

Fantasia – The Art of Counterpoint during the reigns of James I and Charles I Online

Grandezze & Meraviglie - Festival Musicale Estense Italy
Via San Carlo 5, , 41121 Modena
Publication of the video of the concert "Fantasia - The Art of Counterpoint during the reigns of James I and Charles I" (Teatro San Carlo, Modena, 19/03/2023) on Grandezze & Meraviglie's YouTube and Facebook channels
Il Concerto delle Viole:
Roberto Gini, soprano viols, tenor viols, basse viols
Patxi Montero, soprano viols, tenor viols, basse viols
Marco Angilella, basse viols
Concert - Anima e Corpo

21/03/2023 20:00 CET

Concert - Anima e Corpo Online

Département de musique ancienne du CRR de Perpignan France
Refectory of the Abbots (Béziers), 14 rue du Puits de la Courte, Béziers
Tuesday 21 March at 8pm - Concert - Early Music Department of the CRR of Perpignan in collaboration with the Réseau Occitanie Méditerranée - Réfectoire des Abbés (Béziers)
Title :
Anima e Corpo
The top students of the early music departments of the ROM are coming together to work on a work that is a milestone in the history of music: La rappresentatione di anima e di corpo, a musical drama by Emilio de' Cavalieri with an Italian libretto by Agostino Manni, premiered in Rome in February 1600.
Twenty or so singing students and as many instrumentalists from the conservatories of Perpignan, Béziers and Montpellier are involved in this project: violins, cellos, recorders, sackbut, serpent, lute, harpsichord, organ and harp.
Josep Cabré, baritone, was a student of Christopher Schmidt and Kurt Widmer in Basel, as well as of Lise Arseguet in Paris and Jordi Albareda in his native Barcelona. He has been a guest soloist with the most prestigious early music ensembles, and is also the founder of the vocal quartet La Colombina, with which he has developed a large part of his concert and recording activity, as well as the Compagnie Musicale, which performs small-scale repertoires from plainsong to polyphony, and recovers Renaissance and Baroque music in Catalonia. He was musical director of the Capilla Peñaflorida in San Sebastian and of the Pamplona Chamber Choir and its professional ensemble Nova Lux from 2009 to 2012. He also teaches at Musikene (the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country) and at the CRR of Perpignan, and is regularly invited to give master classes on ancient repertoires by various university and musical institutions. This activity is reflected in numerous recordings, which have often won awards from specialist critics.
A graduate of the Poitiers and Versailles Conservatories in recorder, Fanette Estrade continued her instrumental training at the Early Music Department in Toulouse, and then at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Barcelona. Since then, she has extended her instrumental practice to the ancient bassoon, the bagpipes and singing. She holds a certificate of aptitude in early music and currently teaches the recorder at the Conservatoire national de région de Perpignan.
Free admission subject to availability
Josep Cabré, conductor
Fanette Estrade, coordination
Early Music Department of the CRR of Perpignan in collaboration with the Réseau Occitanie Méditerranée (ROM)
PuraCorda in Brno

21/03/2023 19:00 CET (21/03/2023 19:00 CET)

PuraCorda in Brno On-site

Early Music Concert Series "B. M. Willi presents..." Czechia
Concert Hall in the Convent of the Brothers of Mercy, Brno, CZ, Vídeňská 7, Brno
PuraCorda is an Amsterdam based string quartet exploring repertoire from 19th to 20th century on historical instruments, new and exciting territory that very few ensembles have explored on gut strings. The Czech debut of this exceptional quartet will take place in the beautiful concert hall of the Convent of the Merciful Brothers in Brno and will feature compositions by female composers Agnes Tyrrell, Elizabeth Maconchy and Rebecca Clarke.
Mayumi Sargent, Panagiotis Charlampidis / violins 
Eura Fortuny / viola
Antigoni Seferli / cello
and Barbara Maria Willi, the dramaturg and patron of the concert series, in the audience's favourite role of evening guide.
Hipp! Göteborg Baroque 20 years!

22/03/2023 19:00 CET

Hipp! Göteborg Baroque 20 years! On-site

Göteborg Baroque Sweden
Tyska Christinae Kyrka, German Church , Göteborg, Sweden , Norra Hamngatan 16 , Göteborg
Göteborg Baroque turns 20 years during 2023 - We are celebrating the whole year and in this particular concert we will perform the motettos by Johann Sebastian Bach
artistic director:  Magnus Kjellson, claviorganum

Anna Jobrant, soprano
Ann Kjellson, soprano
Amanda Flodin, alto
Nana Bugge Rasmussen, alto
Leif Aruhn-Solén, tenor
Jorge Navarro Colorado, tenor 
Karl Peter Eriksson, bass
Jakob Bloch Jespersen, bass 
Christian Berg, violoncell

Fête galante, autour de la danse baroque

18/03/2023 20:00 CET

Fête galante, autour de la danse baroque On-site

Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Pau-Béarn-Pyrénées France
Halles de Pau - Complexe de la République, Rue Carnot, Pau, France, PAU
Spring Lullabies

22/03/2023 11:00 GMT (22/03/2023 12:00 CET)

Spring Lullabies On-site

Stoke Newington Early Music Festival United Kingdom
The Old Church, Stoke Newington, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 NES
 THE TELLING - Clare Norburn, singer, and Jean Kelly, harpist, perform medieval and traditional lullabies from a range of cultures. Designed as an 'early music for early years' event, this morning concert is for babies, pre-school children, their parents, grandparents and carers. 
Clare Norburn, voice
 Jean Kelly, harp
Early Music Day - "Was once all lascivious"

21/03/2023 22:30 CET (21/03/2023 22:30 CET)

Early Music Day - "Was once all lascivious" Online

The Kameleon Choir of the Mokotów District Poland
Youth Cultural Centre of Mokotów, Warsaw, Poland, 97 Puławska street, , Warszawa
The recording of the satirical song "Fear of the bad things of human life" to the words of one of the most important figures of the Polish Renaissance, Mikołaj Rej, made in the historic building of the former Institute of Morally Neglected Children.
The Kameleon Choir of the Mokotów District conducted by Katarzyna Maria Boniecka
Bach++ entre amis

11/03/2023 20:30 CET

Bach++ entre amis On-site

Centre72 France
Concert, 72 rue Victor Hugo, 92270 BOIS COLOMBES
Bach++ entre amis comporte un ensemble musical rempli de musiciens confirmés avec notamment Luis Rigou à la direction et aux flûtes. Bach, Haendel, Purcell, Quantz et Hahn seront les compositeurs à l'honneur.
Mars étant un mois de fête pour la musique baroque et plus particulièrement la musique ancienne - sa journée mondiale étant le 21 mars -, c'est dans la joie et la bonne humeur que nous nous retrouverons le samedi 11 mars au Centre 72 dans le but de la célébrer. 
Luis Rigou, Helene Arntzen, Jeanne-Marie Ponty Fourel, Jerónimo López, Ben Schwarz et Manon Marmouset de la Taille.
Concert – Élèves du CRR de Perpignan - L’Italie en 1600

18/03/2023 11:00 CET

Concert – Élèves du CRR de Perpignan - L’Italie en 1600 Online

Élèves du CRR de Perpignan France
Théâtre municipal (Perpignan), 5 place de la République, Perpignan
Concert given from 11 am to 12.30 pm by the students of the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (CRR) of Perpignan, as a preamble to the concert Anima e Corpo, proposed by the early music department of the CRR of Perpignan in collaboration with the Occitanie Méditerranée network, at the municipal theatre of Perpignan, on Saturday 18 March 2023, at 8.30 pm. 
Free admission subject to availability of seats
Students of the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (CRR) of Perpignan
The elegance of J. S. Bach's writing.

21/03/2023 23:00 CET

The elegance of J. S. Bach's writing. Online

Tania Birardi Italy
Italy , Milano
Conversation. Instagram live.
C. S. (Tania) Birardi
Concert JS BACH

19/03/2023 18:30 CET

Concert JS BACH On-site

Mairie d'Amilly France
3 rue de la mairie, Amilly
Musical visit of the Fabre Museum collections - Les Ombres

24/03/2023 15:30 CET

Musical visit of the Fabre Museum collections - Les Ombres On-site

Les Ombres France
Musée Fabre (Montpellier), 39, boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, Montpellier
Music & painting: mirrors of our emotions
A musical journey through the permanent collections of the Fabre Museum for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
Programme :
As part of the European Early Music Days, the Fabre Museum opens its doors to the musicians of the ensemble Les Ombres. During a guided musical and pictorial tour, music and paintings will reveal their secrets. The flute and the viola da gamba will resonate in this majestic setting during an original guided tour, revealing each work through the prism of emotions. 
Admission fee: 11 €, upon registration by email at a.belin@montpellier3m.fr, or directly online at https://musee-fabre.tickeasy.com/fr-FR/accueil
From the complicity of Margaux Blanchard and Sylvain Sartre at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, the Ombres project was born. Two voices, two personalities, the same curiosity for forgotten repertoires. The dual leadership of the ensemble reflects its quest for diversity, renewal and modernity. Intergenerational and committed, the Ombres project develops, from chamber music to opera to theatre for young audiences, in a quest for excellence and respect for the ethical values dear to its founders. Concerned about its relationship with the public, the ensemble places emotion at the heart of its proposals. The energy of the gesture, the breath of the dialogue, the work of the light, the choice of repertoires and rhythm: the poetry of the performance shapes a programme whose harmony and architecture must move the spectator. This human, sensory and multidisciplinary approach to the ancient repertoire reveals the echoes of our present with the past. By putting it on stage in music and images, Les Ombres inscribes the baroque into the contemporary world and makes the great issues of our time resonate in the light of past centuries. The colours, atmospheres, poetry and harmony that emerge from their creations accompany the spectator in the discovery of a little-known repertoire and invite him to contemplate this overwhelming concordance of times.
Their recordings have received critical acclaim: 4T TTTT Télérama, Diapason d'or de l'année, Choc de Classica, Quobuzissime, Coup de cœur du jardin des critiques de FranceMmusique, Supersonic Pizzicatto...
After studying piano and flute, Sylvain Sartre discovered the richness of the Renaissance and Baroque repertoires. In all that he undertakes, he gives a very special place to the voice. He works as a conductor with numerous choirs and choirmasters, and directs the baroque pole of the Institute for Vocal Research and Mediterranean Music Education (IRVEM). A keen researcher, he is also involved in the rediscovery of forgotten manuscripts of the 18th century French repertoire, work which has been rewarded by the Fondation de France. Regularly invited as a flutist by such renowned conductors as Hervé Niquet, Leonardo García Alarcón, Chiara Banchini, Jordi Savall and Joël Suhubiette, he places particular emphasis on chamber music, which he performs with the ensembles Pulcinella, Le Consort and Fratres.
Sought after for the generosity of her musical gesture, the violinist Margaux Blanchard is solicited by the musical directors Jordi Savall, Leonardo García Alarcón, François-Xavier Roth, and performs at the Garnier, Bastille, and Comique opera houses, as well as in Versailles, Amsterdam, Cologne, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and New York. A complete artist, she has sung in opera from a very young age, and has an instinctive relationship with the stage. Singing guides her in her quest for the "ideal phrasing", dance inspires her rhythmic architecture, with the practice of keyboards, from piano to harpsichord, as a foundation. As a child, she discovered and was initiated into the playing of the treble and bass viol with Ariane Maurette at the CRR in Paris, and deepened her knowledge during her master's degree with Paolo Pandolfo at the Schola Cantorum in Basle, and outside with Jordi Savall, Marianne Muller and Jérôme Hantaï.
In demand as a soloist, chamber musician and continuo player, it was through her encounter with the Argentine harpsichordist and conductor Alarcón that she naturally turned to accompanying singers. He spotted her in 2005 at the Ambronay Academy, and in 2007 invited her to join the continuo of his ensemble Cappella Mediterranea. In 2008 she co-founded the ensemble Les Ombres, and in 2009 she was one of the youngest graduates. Since 2011 she has been teaching the harmonic and melodic duality of her instrument.
She is developing her network in Switzerland and France, and in Occitania she is setting up her ensemble with the flutist Sylvain Sartre, whom she met at the Schola. Together, they compose immersive performances that have made their group a collective in its own right, eager to reach out to all audiences for over ten years.
Margaux Blanchard, viola da gamba
Sylvain Sartre, traverso
Concert - Borrowing & Imprint

25/03/2023 17:45 CET

Concert - Borrowing & Imprint On-site

Ensemble Vocal Claire Garrone France
Church of Saint-Gilles (Saint-Gély-du-Fesc), 50 rue du Presbytère, Montpellier
Borrowing & Imprinting
From the Renaissance to the Baroque
(Tallis, Purcell, Pachelbel, Bach...)

Programme :
Concert given as part of the "La voix dans tous ses états" festival (https://sites.google.com/view/lavoixdanstoussesetats34980/accueil)
John Dowland, "Flow my tears" (soloist)
William Mundy, "O Lord, the Maker of all Thing" (soloist)
Thomas Tallis, "Oh Lord, in Thee is all my trust
Thomas Tallis, "If Ye love me
John Dowland, "Can she excuse my wrongs" (soloist)
Alfonso Ferrabosco, Pavane, lute
John Wilbye, "As Matchless Beauty
John Dowland, 'Come again' (soloist)
John Blox, "Behold, O God our defender
Sackbut interlude
Henry Purcell, "Funeral Music of Queen Mary
August Kühnel, Suite for violin, theorbo and harpsichord (positive)
Johann-Christoph Bach, "Der Mensch vom Weibe geboren
Johann Pachelbel, "Der Herr ist König
Johann Pachelbel, "Exsurgat Deus
J.S Bach, motet BWV 231 "Sei Lob und Preis mit Ehren

The Ensemble Vocal Claire Garrone is a flexible and motivated group of about twenty amateur singers. Under the demanding and sensitive direction of Claire Garrone, it explores the great moments of vocal writing, both secular and sacred, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Thanks to the quality of his work and his concerts, he has been able to surround himself with the best professional musicians and instrumental ensembles. The collaboration with great conductors such as Rachid Safir, Alain Zaepfel, Hervé Niquet or Daïnouri Choque (vocal work on sound and its harmonics) has enabled the choir members to become autonomous, curious and attentive, making the EVCG an ensemble that has been noticed by the critics. The Ensemble Vocal Claire Garrone is a member of the Association des chœurs du Languedoc (ACL).
Claire Garrone studied German at the Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier before training as a choral conductor with some of Europe's greatest masters: Philippe Caillard, Michel Piquemal, Bernard Têtu, Éric Ericson, Pierre Cao... She is a choral conductor approved by the Ministry of Culture and has been a full professor of choral singing at the Conservatoire national de région de Montpellier. She was the choral conductor at Opéra Junior when it was created, where she provided vocal training for young choristers and soloists until 2001. She also teaches voice in music therapy at the Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier. She has also taught choral conducting. As a guest conductor, she has participated in festivals and summer academies (early music academy with the Concert Royal in Languedoc-Roussillon). Her taste for accuracy, dynamics, rhythmic rigour, vocal colour, musical finesse and the study of prosody has made her a demanding and noted choral conductor.
After completing his musical studies at the Schola Cantorum in Basel and at the CNSMD in Paris, Yvon Repérant turned to the study of the harpsichord, and very quickly specialised in the practice of basso continuo. He has been regularly called upon by the greatest baroque conductors as an assistant, vocal coach and continuo player. He has also played in renowned early music ensembles, as well as with classical ensembles. In addition to his concert activity, he has always been actively involved in teaching.
Passionate about early music, Sylvie Moquet began studying the viola da gamba first with Arianne Maurette, then with Jordi Savall, with whom she obtained a soloist's diploma at the Schola Cantorum in Basel in January 1983. She then continued her training with Wieland Kuijken. Her professional activities are divided between teaching at the conservatories of Aix-en-Provence and Toulon, concerts and recordings with various ensembles, her activity as a soloist, and the chamber music ensembles with which she regularly performs: Les Witches, Da Pacem and Concerto Soave.
Natacha Palance obtained her singing diploma from the CRR of Nantes in 2011, and in the same year, she came to Montpellier to follow a music therapy course. The mezzo-soprano tackles the baroque and romantic repertoire as well as the contemporary one, but she is particularly fond of the baroque, the melody and the lied.
A versatile musician, Julien Miro is a trombone and sackbut teacher at the Cité des Arts in Montpellier, where he is involved in numerous projects, mainly with early music. For him, the trombone is a real passport to travel through different eras and styles. Surrounded by the Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse with whom he plays, he supports early music with talented local instrumentalists.
Prices: 12 € / 8 € for students and jobseekers / free for children under 12 but accompanied by an adult
Access to the online ticketing service (https://sites.google.com/view/lavoixdanstoussesetats34980/billetterie)
Distribution :
Ensemble Vocal Claire Garrone
Claire Garrone, conductor
Yvon Repérant, keyboards
Sylvie Moquet, bass viol
Lucien Miro, saqueboutes ensemble conductor
Natacha Palance, soloist
Nouvelle création - JANUA - Présentation

21/03/2023 18:00 CET

Nouvelle création - JANUA - Présentation Online

Ensemble Irini France
63 rue de Tilsit , Marseille
Adieu délices de mes jours

01/04/2023 20:00 CEST

Adieu délices de mes jours On-site

Société Française de Luth France
1 Place Saint-Thomas d'Aquin, Paris
Daniel Zapico - "Au Monde"

21/03/2023 19:30 CET (21/03/2023 19:30 CET)

Daniel Zapico - "Au Monde" Online and On-site

Música Antigua Xixón - Fundación Municipal de Cultura (Ayuntamiento de Gijón) Spain
Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos, Plaza de Jovellanos, s/n, Gijón
Presentation of the album "Au Monde", by theorbo player Daniel Zapico, in which he presents new transcriptions of French baroque music for theorbo.
Daniel Zapico, theorbo
Öppen scen i Höörs kyrka

21/03/2023 18:30 CET (21/03/2023 18:30 CET)

Öppen scen i Höörs kyrka On-site

Höör Barock Sweden
Höörs kyrka, Skolgatan 2, Höör
Open scene for all early music enthusiasts. 
The performers are a mix of amateurs, professional musicians and young people. Among them are Höör Barock Ensemble and Frosta Kammarkör.
Diverse Galant

26/03/2023 17:30 EDT (26/03/2023 23:30 CEST)

Diverse Galant On-site

Patricia Garcia Gil Spain
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Organ Hall, 1400 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27412, Greensboro
This is a live fortepiano recital featuring CPE Bach, Scarlatti and Soler on a Ferrini replica, followed by the Spanish and Latin American Galant composers Montero' s and Aldana's works, plus Haydn!, performed on a Walter replica. This project includes three lecture recitals that will be available online on the 29, 30 and 31 of March.
Patricia Garcia Gil, fortepiano
Bolonian Baroque Masters

03/04/2023 12:00 CEST

Bolonian Baroque Masters Online

Corde Spezzate Ensemble Poland
Bolonian Baroque Masters, Stefana Żeromskiego 7C, Żyrardów
Performance miniatures sonatas form sonatas collection with pieces of various Bolonian composers of the end of XVII century.
Daria Skrzypek - baroque violin
Paulina Garlińska - viola da gamba
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