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Early Music Day takes place every year on 21 March, at the initiative of REMA. This celebration of more than a thousand years of music, through concerts and events taking place simultaneously around the world, is an opportunity for Europeans to (re)discover our musical heritage!

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Führung zur Baugeschichte des Händel-Hauses

21/03/2023 16:00 CET

Führung zur Baugeschichte des Händel-Hauses On-site

Stiftung Händel-Haus Halle Germany
Museum Händel-Haus , Gr. Nikolaistrasse 5, Halle / Saale
Führung durch das Händel-Haus – Ein Spezialrundgang mit Karl Altenburg (Museumsmitarbeiter der
Stiftung Händel-Haus) zur Baugeschichte des Geburtshauses von Georg Friedrich Händel – Tickets: Museums-
eintritt – Treffpunkt Museumskasse
Karl Altenburg, Museumsmitarbeiter
Musical experience - The viola da gamba today!

25/03/2023 16:30 CET

Musical experience - The viola da gamba today! On-site

Les Ombres - Margaux Blanchard et Marie-Catherine Massé France
Médiathèque Emile Zola (Montpellier), 218, boulevard de l’Aéroport international, Montpellier
The viola da gamba today!
From Tous les matins du monde to contemporary opera, the viola da gamba travels, questions and fascinates. As part of the European Early Music Days, Margaux Blanchard, violist and co-artistic director of the baroque music ensemble Les Ombres, and the violin maker Marie-Catherine Massé will enlighten you with music and images on the past, present and future history of a family of instruments unlike any other.
Duration: 45 minutes
Free admission subject to availability

Sought after for the generosity of her musical gesture, the violinist Margaux Blanchard is sought after by the musical directors Jordi Savall, Leonardo García Alarcón and François-Xavier Roth, and has performed at the Garnier, Bastille and Comique opera houses and in Versailles, Amsterdam, Cologne, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and New York. A complete artist, she has sung in opera from a very young age, and has an instinctive relationship with the stage. Singing guides her in her quest for the "ideal phrasing", dance inspires her rhythmic architecture, with the practice of keyboards, from piano to harpsichord, as a foundation. As a child, she discovered and was initiated into the playing of the treble and bass viol with Ariane Maurette at the CRR in Paris, and deepened her knowledge during her master's degree with Paolo Pandolfo at the Schola Cantorum in Basle, and outside with Jordi Savall, Marianne Muller and Jérôme Hantaï.
In demand as a soloist, chamber musician and continuo player, it was through her encounter with the Argentine harpsichordist and conductor Alarcón that she naturally turned to accompanying singers. He spotted her in 2005 at the Ambronay Academy, and in 2007 invited her to join the continuo of his ensemble Cappella Mediterranea. In 2008 she co-founded the ensemble Les Ombres, and in 2009 she was one of the youngest graduates. Since 2011 she has been teaching the harmonic and melodic duality of her instrument.
She is developing her network in Switzerland and France, and in Occitania she is setting up her ensemble with the flutist Sylvain Sartre, whom she met at the Schola. Together, they compose immersive performances that have made their group a collective in its own right, with a desire to reach out to all audiences for over ten years.
Marie-Catherine Massé discovered violin making as a teenager, when she went to a workshop to have her grandfather's violin serviced. After her baccalaureate, she joined the Bottega di Parma school in Italy, where she began her two-year apprenticeship. At the same time, she discovered baroque instruments, including the viola da gamba, which led her to West Dean College in England, where she studied violin making and historical research, as well as arching, carving, restoration and instrumental playing. After graduating, she joined London workshops to restore instruments, while maintaining a strong interest in making and working with violin makers.
On her return to France, encouraged by musician friends, she opened her workshop in late 2017 in the heart of Béziers. The workshop is dedicated to the making of violins, violas and cellos, and especially violas da gamba, while keeping a place for maintenance and repairs. The workshop expanded in February 2018, and then opened its doors in Ganges at the beginning of 2022, in a former hosiery factory specially fitted out to accommodate it. Marie-Catherine Massé is the winner of the Artinovart's competition in 2022 in the "Métier d'art" category.
Margaux Blanchard, violist
Marie-Catherine Massé, violin maker
Hungarian chorals

21/03/2023 20:15 CET (21/03/2023 20:15 CET)

Hungarian chorals On-site

Amici della Musica di Padova Italy
Auditorium Cesare Pollini, Via Carlo Cassan, 17, Padova
J.S. Bach: Drei Choralvorspiele (transcription for cello and piano by Zoltan Kodàly)
                   - Ach, was ist doch unser Leben BWV 743
                   - Vater unser im Himmelreich BWV 762
                   - Christus, der uns selig macht BWV 747
R. Strauss: Sonata op. 6
E. Grieg: Sonata op. 36

The Three Preludes-Chorals for organ by J.S.Bach transcribed in 1924 by Kodály for cello and piano, a work very rarely heard, is dedicated "to Prof. Karl Straube", the eminent German organist (1873-1950) who dedicated his life as a scholar, teacher and musician to the great Bach tradition in Leipzig, where he was organist and then Kantor in the famous Thomaskirche.

photo ©Marco Borggreve
Maximilan Hornung cello
Herbert Schuch piano
A la Noche

21/03/2023 20:30 CET

A la Noche On-site

PAOLA ERDAS - festival WUNDERKAMMER Trieste Italy
Teatro Miela, Piazza Luigi Amedeo Duca degli Abruzzi, 3, 34132 Trieste - Italie, Trieste
338. Bach-Geburtstag

21/03/2023 19:00 CET (21/03/2023 19:00 CET)

338. Bach-Geburtstag Online and On-site

Köthener BachGesellschaft mbH Germany
Church of St. Agnus, Stiftstraße 11, 06366 Köthen (Anhalt)
On 21 March, the Köthen Bach Festival traditionally celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, which is also the eleventh European Early Music Day. 
This year, the duo "Ombra e Luce", consisting of Georg Kallweit (baroque violin) and Björn Colell (theorbo), is invited to Köthen (Anhalt). Both musicians have already performed solo and in chamber music ensembles at the Bach Festival in Köthen in recent years. Georg Kallweit is one of Germany's most experienced baroque violinists and an international concert and soloist, including with the Academy of Early Music. Together with Björn Colell, he has developed an impressive and dynamic musical dialogue that is only possible with this unique combination of instruments. On Bach's birthday, they will musically trace the path of the violin sonata from the 17th century to Bach. The duo will be complemented by the Iranian musician Mitra Behpoori who, together with Tar and Ud, brings the ancestors (or mothers) of the European lute to Köthen (Anhalt) and provides an insight into the classical Persian musical tradition from the 18th century to the present. Mitra Behpoori studied in Tehran and works at the Institute for Transcultural Music Studies at the FRANZ LISZT SCHOOL of Music in Weimar. As he does every year, the director of the Köthen Bach Festival, Folkert Uhde, will talk to the musicians and make the connection with the present.
Mitra Behpoori | Tar and Ud 
Björn Colell | Lute                        
Georg Kallweit | Violin
Folkert Uhde | Moderation 
Behold and listen

26/03/2023 18:00 CEST (26/03/2023 18:00 CEST)

Behold and listen On-site

Associazione Antica Massa Cybea in collaborazione con Dickens Fellowship - filiale italiana Italy
Sede Dickens Fellowship, Piazza Alberica 2A, 54033 Carrara (MS)
Arie e Cantate tra Seicento e Settecento
Ensemble Massa Cybea: Eleonora Di Dato (soprano); Claudia Poz (violoncello); Erminia Migliorini (clavicembalo)
Early Music Day Copenhagen

21/03/2023 16:30 CET

Early Music Day Copenhagen Online and On-site

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival Denmark
KoncertKirken, Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 Copenhagen
EMD COPENHAGEN is organised by Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival every year since the start in 2013. This year we present four very different concerts with medieval, renaissance and baroque music, including both vocal music and pure instrumental programmes. All concerts are streamed online. 
16.30: Agnethe Christensen - voice, kantele; Elisabeth Gaver - fidel, rebec. 
Candens Lilium - a Maria concert with medieval music
18.00: Ensemble Degli Affetti 
Tinne Albrectsen - violin, Adam Graumann - viola da gamba, Søren Gleerup Hansen - organ. 
Music by Rosenmüller, Weckmann m.fl. 
19.30: Musica Ficta & Bo Holten 
Palestrina: Marcellus mass 
21.00: Scandinavian Cornetts and Sackbuts 
Lene Langballe (DK), cornetto, Marit Bjørnsen (NO), sackbut , Daniel Stighäll (SE), sackbut , Nils Carlsson (SE), sackbut, Anne Kirstine Mathiesen (DK), organ. 
Music by Orologio, Borgrevinck, Pedersøn, Dowland, Gabrieli, Guami, Frescobaldi, Susato 
Bach to the Future - Cello Suites

21/03/2023 22:00 CET

Bach to the Future - Cello Suites Online

Institute Français Italy
Santa Maria del Carmine , Piazza del Carmine , Roma
Performance of the Bach Suites for Violoncello 1/2/3/4 
BWV 1007-1008-1009-1010
Giordano Antonelli, Violoncello 
Jota Martínez book presentation: "Instrumentos para trovar y danzar en la Llíria del Siglo XIII".

21/03/2023 19:00 CET

Jota Martínez book presentation: "Instrumentos para trovar y danzar en la Llíria del Siglo XIII". On-site

CIMMedieval Spain
Tourist Office of Lliria. Valencia, C. San Vicente Ferrer, 19, 46160 Llíria, Valencia
In the municipality of Llíria is the church of Santa María, or "of the Blood", dating from the 13th century. It is a typical reconquest church of this area. Its possibly most valuable treasure is inside. It is a Gothic-Mudejar style roof, also from the 13th century, in a fairly optimal state of conservation. Observing the friezes of this coffered ceiling, we find various representations inspired by the courtly life of the time. Some of the characters represented are minstrels and troubadours who play musical instruments contemporary to the work of art and also dance or parade in procession.

Jota Martínez has carried out the organological study of all these musical representations, identifying a total of 19 instruments, some of them repeated, and as a result, the 10 different instruments that were captured in this interesting work of art have been reconstructed.

In this act the book that includes the studies and conclusions of him will be presented.
Mara Aranda: Director of CIMMedieval.
Vicent Sesé-Aloy: Technician at Turisme Llíria.
José María Nácher Escriche: Professor University of Valencia.
Jota Martínez: Specialist in medieval musical instruments and author of the book.
A violino solo, senza basso

19/03/2023 12:00 CET

A violino solo, senza basso On-site

Associazione Mousike Vicenza Italy
Palazzo Leoni Montanari, Contra Santa Corona, Vicenza
Classes di violino del M' Enrico Balboni del Conservatorio di Vicenza
Andrea Bett, Paola Volpi
Buon Compleanno Bach

21/03/2023 12:00 CET

Buon Compleanno Bach On-site

Associazione Mousike Vicenza Italy
Palazzo Chiericati, Piazza Matteotti 37, Vicenza
"Cantabile, dolce, vivace...per il flauto traverso in concerto con il clavicembalo "
Studenti della classe di flauto del M' Antonio Vivian del Conservatorio di Vicenza 
Buon Compleanno Bach

21/03/2023 15:00 CET

Buon Compleanno Bach On-site

Associazione Mousike Vicenza Italy
Museo Diocesano di Vicenza, Piazza del Duomo 12, Vicenza
"Lo stile concertante, l'affetto in dialettica: II e III tempo dal V concerto brandeburghese BWV 1050 di J.S. Bach
Studenti e docenti della classe di musica da camera del liceo musicale "A. Pigafetta" di Vicenza 
Così parlò Monteverdi

16/03/2023 18:00 CET

Così parlò Monteverdi On-site

Musicaimmagine Italy
Villa Lante al Gianicolo, Passeggiata del Gianicolo, 10 , Roma
2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Gian Francesco Malipiero [Venice 1882-Treviso 1973], composer and scholar, «innovator» and «exhumer», a complex and controversial figure, a perfect 'Navigante del Tempo' according our modern sensibility. Among the numerous initiatives undertaken, the Venetian-Asolan composer curates the Complete Works of Claudio Monteverdi [1567-1643], published in 16 volumes at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, d'Annunzio's autarkic citadel on Lake Garda – then reprinted by Universal Edition (Vienna, 1967) including a Volume XVII 'Appendix'.
The event presents the figure and work of Malipiero, also through the screening of Georg Brintrup's film Poemi asolani (WDR, 1985), and a concert by the Ensemble Seicentonovecento conducted by Flavio Colusso, with madrigals by Monteverdi.

Ensemble Seicentonovecento conducted by Flavio Colusso
Buon Compleanno Bach

21/03/2023 17:00 CET

Buon Compleanno Bach On-site

Associazione Mousike Vicenza Italy
Loggia del Capitaniato Vicenza, Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza
"Ti piace Bach? Dal clavicembalo ben temperato alla break dance"
Studenti delle classi di pianoforte e percussioni del liceo musicale  A. Pigafetta di Vicenza,  Break Dance con i BBoys di Verona "Povia-Arena"
Concert - The Joy

26/03/2023 17:00 CEST

Concert - The Joy On-site

Maîtrise de l’IRVEM France
Romanesque church of Sainte Croix de Celleneuve, 10, rue du Tour de l’Église, Montpellier
The Joy
Early medieval and baroque music
This programme lets us hear the joy and contemplation in the repertoires of the Middle Ages and the Baroque period through a capella vocal monodies and polyphonies.
The joy of Christmas, the joy of encounter, the joy of love!
1st medieval part
Hec es clara dies
Gaudens in Domino
Mater Virgo
Credo videre
Orientis partibus
Natus est emmanuel
Ecce tempus gaudi
2nd part baroque
Alma mia dove ten vai
Mio core
Silentio notivo
The Institute of Vocal Research & Mediterranean Musical Education (IRVEM), a 1901 association created in 1988, is a research, training and dissemination organisation. It is composed of researchers, teachers and professional singers, dancers and actors. The work since 1990 with its president, Benoît Amy de la Bretèque, a phoniatric physician, attached practitioner of the public hospitals of Montpellier and Marseille, doctor in language sciences, allows to bring each person to the mastery of his or her voice, with requirement and dynamism.
The Maîtrise de l'IRVEM welcomes children from 8 years old, teenagers and young adults. It performs in concerts and staged shows, alongside high-level professional artists. This allows her to consider the whole of an artistic adventure with all that it entails: work on vocal technique, discovery of repertoires, consideration of the meaning of words, musicality, history and the historical context of the work, then the meeting with professional musicians, joint musical work, stage work, rehearsals until the end of the concert or show.
Singer and singing teacher, Bertille de Swarte directs the IRVEM choir school, which she created in 1988 in Perpignan, in numerous concerts and staged shows. She has been a DRAC music expert for five consecutive years, and her teaching activities lead her to meet all kinds of audiences on a daily basis: schoolchildren, young children, adults, professional singers, choirmasters, etc. She has made several recordings for organ and baroque plainchant.
After a degree in literature and musicology, Lucie Jolivet continued her studies in the early music department of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique de Lyon. She currently teaches singing at the Poissy and Châteauroux centres, and medieval music at the Centre de musique médiévale de Paris. She is a member of the Ensemble Discantus directed by Brigitte Lesne, with whom she has made numerous recordings.

Free admission subject to availability
Bertille de Swarte, conductor
Lucie Jolivet, conductor
CD Release - Bach's Instrumental Music Vol. 3

21/03/2023 12:00 CET

CD Release - Bach's Instrumental Music Vol. 3 Online

il Gusto Barocco Germany
werastraße 22, Stuttgart
To celebrate J. S. Bach's birthday, il Gusto Barocco releases its 3rd CD dedicated to Bach's instrumental music with the label Berlin Classis. On this occasion, the flautist Claire Genewein will guide us through the album with her traverso playing the partita for solo flute, the orchestral suite no. 2 and together with Jörg Halubek on harpsichord and Anaïs Chen on violin, playing the triple concerto. Happy birthday Johann!
 Jörg Halubek | Cembalo certato and Direction
Claire Genewein | Flauto traverso
Anaïs Chen | Violino certato
Eva Saladin | Violine I
Felicia Graf | Violine II
Sonoko Asabuki | Viola
Jonathan Pešek | Violoncello
Fred-Walter Uhlig | Violone
Concert J.S BACH

19/03/2023 18:00 CET

Concert J.S BACH On-site

Mairie d'Amilly France
3 rue de la mairie, Amilly
Arnalta Cafè

16/03/2023 21:00 CET

Arnalta Cafè On-site

Fondazione Teatro Fraschini - Centro di Musica Antica Ghislieri Italy
Cinema Teatro Politeama, Corso Camillo Benso Cavour, 20, Pavia
Arnalta Café is a 'stand-up comedy' featuring nurses from different 17th century operas, all intent on having their say. Lullabies, lullabies, arias of toilet, arias of complaint, irreverent mockery. Some of the best-loved Baroque composers of all time, such as Monteverdi and Cavalli, are juxtaposed with lesser-known authors with operatic scenes in their first modern performance, which come to light again after more than three hundred years. A series of amusing sketches, but at the same time of great musical merit, centred on what was one of the most̀ beloved recurring characters of seventeenth-century audiences: la nutrice en travesti.
It is a crowded stage: Desba, Dirce, Nerea, Nisbe, Pasquella, Plancina, Rodisbe, Delfa, Filandra, Lenia, Gilde... and of course Arnalta! These elderly girls are quivering with desire to return to the spotlight.
Luca Cervoni, voice

Concerto Romano

Alessandro Quarta, harpsichord

Printemps en musiques

25/03/2023 16:00 CET (25/03/2023 16:00 CET)

Printemps en musiques On-site

Les Passions de l'Âme (Les Amateurs des Passions) Switzerland
Reformierte Kirche, Muri bei Bern, Thunstrasse 115, 3074 Muri bei Bern
Les Amateurs des Passions is a project orchestra for amateur instrumentalists initiated by Les Passions de l'Âme, which will form for the first time in spring 2023. Led by Meret Lüthi, the orchestra will play a baroque program around the 2nd orchestral suite by J. S. Bach.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Ouvertüre in D-Dur, TWV 55:D14

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Violinkonzert, «Der Frühling»

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Ouvertüre in h-Moll, BWV 1067
Meret Lüthi (soloviolin and conductor), Anne Parisot (soloflute), Fran Petrač (violone), Panagiotis Linakis (harpsichord)
Serafin Albin, Mireille Faist, Patrick Häfliger, Ursula Maurer, Dorothea Richner, Annette Sachs, Valerie Schnyder, Liselotte Staub, Christine Stettler, Ingrid Zürcher (violin)
Pascal Gisler, Gion Duno Simeon, Isabelle Weiss-Moret (viola)
Thomas Maurer, Marc Wirz (violoncello)
Buon Compleanno Bach

21/03/2023 11:00 CET

Buon Compleanno Bach On-site

Associazione Mousike Vicenza Italy
Chiesa San Michele ai Servi, Piazza Biade Vicenza, Vicenza
Studenti della classe di organo del M' Matteo Venturini, Conservatorio "A. PEDROLLO" di Vicenza 
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